In Salt Lake City, homeowners need reliable heating systems to deal with the cold winters. At S.O.S. Heating & Cooling, we install and maintain furnaces throughout the Salt Lake City area. People often put off replacing their home heating system because of the expense. Although our technicians can keep an older system running, there comes a time when replacement is the best option.

Frequent Emergency Repair Calls

The occasional repair call is part of owning a home. As your heating equipment gets older, you can expect parts will wear out and fail. Our team of skilled technicians is available for emergency repairs 24/7. When something goes wrong with your system, we are ready to make it right.

However, we know that emergency repairs are both inconvenient and expensive. If you find that you are dealing with several emergency repairs in a single heating system, it is time to replace the equipment. Even the best heating system can only last so long.

Decreasing Efficiency

After a few seasons of hard work, the performance of your heating equipment will begin to suffer. An annual maintenance plan can go a long way in preserving your system’s efficiency. When our technicians perform the maintenance, your system will run at the highest level it can maintain.

Yet, you will notice that the system must work harder to maintain the right temperature as time goes by. There may be spots in your home that never get as warm as they should. You may also see an increase in your fuel bills as the system burns more to do its job.

The good news is that heating technology improves every year. When you install a new heating system at your Salt Lake City home, you will quickly notice a lower cost of operation. Modern systems are designed to do more with less.

Changes in Your Home

Before you undertake a major home improvement project, check to see if your current heating system will meet your needs. A home addition with new rooms may require a more powerful system to get the job done.

Converting the basement into a family room is a popular home improvement project. However, if you have never worried about heating the space, you may discover that it gets too cold to use in the winter. Including a heating system upgrade in your budget will make certain your family space is in use in every season.

Changing the Type of System

At one time, any discussion of heating systems focused on the type of furnace you would use. People would debate the benefits of oil and gas. At S.O.S. Heating & Cooling, we install a wide variety of Lennox furnaces.

However, new types of heating systems are becoming popular. Some homeowners choose to heat and cool their homes with a heat pump system. This kind of climate control system pulls heat from the outdoor air to heat your home in the winter.

Heat pumps run on electricity, so they can be expensive to operate. But, many newer homes are already generating electricity with a home solar panel array. Heating your home with solar power will reduce your heating bills.

Incorporating New Technology

On average, home heating equipment lasts for about twenty years. Think about the technological changes that have happened in the past two decades. Home climate systems have also seen innovations during that time. Unfortunately, a twenty-year-old furnace is not compatible with many of these new products.

If you are hoping to give your home an energy overhaul, a new furnace should be part of your plan. The new heating system will be able to work with smart thermostats that you can control with your smartphone. Some advanced thermostats learn your home’s heating patterns to provide a more efficient process.

You can also include improved air quality equipment like a higher-rated MERV filter. A more powerful heating system will be able to handle a strong filter that can remove smaller particles from your air. You will enjoy improved home comfort and breathe a little easier.

Your Home Heating Partner

S.O.S. Heating & Cooling in Salt Lake City is a company you can trust for heating installations, maintenance and repairs. We also offer comprehensive cooling services in the Salt Lake area. Our team works hard to keep customers comfortable, so contact us today for an appointment.