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Warming the Home During the Winter Months

Coming home to a cold home is never fun. When HVAC problems happen during the winter months, a person might immediately call for a central heater repair. Take a few minutes to do basic troubleshooting. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, call S.O.S. Heating and Cooling for heating repair.

Heating Repair Services

Homeowners in Salt Lake City know they can count on S.O.S. Heating and Cooling when they need a heating system repair. The highly trained and honest technicians help clients stay warm in their homes by doing repairs right the first time.

These technicians undergo training to ensure they can handle any residential heating system repair quickly. They work with clients to maintain their heating systems to reduce the risk of problems arising.

The technicians live and work in the community and support clients both on and off the job. Contact us to learn about discounts throughout the year and special pricing, as our goal is to save you money while keeping you comfortable in your own home.

Our technicians are EPA certified and familiar with Energy Star-certified products. They remain available around the clock to help customers in their time of need and offer honest, upfront pricing. This helps to explain why our team has top ratings on HomeAdvisor.

Why Is Your Heating System Not Working?

Many things can bring about the need for a heat pump repair or repairs to a furnace. A homeowner may call because they hear the unit making strange noises or notice the home no longer heats evenly. At times, skyrocketing energy bills lead to a customer reaching out.

However, they may notice a problem that is more serious. For example, they see water pooling around the furnace, which is a sign they have a cracked heat exchanger. This is dangerous because deadly carbon monoxide may make its way into the home.

Rust or corrosion on a furnace is also a cause of concern. It could suggest a leak, which may also allow deadly fumes to accumulate in the home.

The problem with central heating may not be this extreme. It could be nothing more than dirty filters interfering with proper airflow. A lack of power to the unit could lead to it not functioning, or it might be a clogged drain line or cracked condensate drain pan. The heat pump may lack the refrigerant needed to operate correctly.

Grinding and scraping noises from a furnace suggest the ball bearings are worn out. A squealing noise, in contrast, is usually a sign of a loose belt. Pilot light and ignition problems lead to many service calls, as well.

Regardless of what the unit is doing, call S.O.S. Heating and Cooling. We’ll determine what the problem is and make the necessary repairs.

Heat Pump System Vs. Furnace

Homeowners often ask what the difference is between a heat pump and a furnace. These units have different purposes that must be understood to determine what is wrong with the unit and how best to fix it.

Heat pumps function to heat and cool the home by transferring heat from one location to another. During the winter, the unit heats air and distributes it throughout the home. In the summer months, it cools air and disperses it to all parts of the residence.

A furnace, in contrast, heats the home when it is cold outside. As with a heat pump, this unit is connected to ductwork to distribute warm air throughout the home. However, this type of unit doesn’t cool the home during the summer months. A separate air conditioning unit is needed for that purpose.

Same-Day Heating Repair

Homeowners need their heating system when the temperature drops outside. However, fitting in an HVAC repair can be challenging, as people lead busy lives. S.O.S Heating and Cooling understands this and offers flexible appointment scheduling.

The customer chooses a time that is convenient for them and the technician arrives then to diagnose the problem accurately and repair the system. This individual can do more than repair the system. They also help clients with maintenance, installation, and more, with the goal being to ensure the client’s comfort in their home.

The team also helps clients in need of cooling services, as people should remain comfortable in their homes all year long. For individuals who need help to pay for these services, financing is available for those with approved credit.

Call (801) 449-1771 for an appointment. We are happy to get you on the schedule and visit the home when it is convenient for you. 

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