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Nestled underneath gracious mountains and open skies, we Holladay, UT, homeowners live in a place where the great outdoors is right in our backyard. 

But just because you love being outside doesn’t mean you want to ignore your indoors, either. A vital element to a functioning home is having an adequate heating and cooling system for you and your family to enjoy.

To combat those chilly winters and ward off suffocating summer temperatures, ensure your HVAC system is up to snuff with our award-winning heating and cooling services. 

Read on to learn about our services, our strong work ethic, and how our competitive pricing and exemplary work can help your home run at its best.   

Affordable HVAC Services 

Our HVAC services are fast, efficient, and affordable. We have a team of unparalleled HVAC technicians ready to deliver prompt services on: 

  • AC tune-ups and maintenance
  • AC replacement
  • AC installation
  • Heating tune-ups and maintenance
  • Heating replacement
  • Heating installation

Worried about how much your new HVAC system will cost? Sadly, each year many homeowners put off HVAC installations and repairs due to fears about money. 

But with our company, you can stop worrying; we offer homeowners flexible financing options on services, repairs, and installations. 

We’re excited to bring exceptional heating and cooling services to homeowners in Holladay and the greater Salt Lake City area through our robust, affordable services. Whatever your HVAC system requires, we’re here with fast, effective, flexible solutions. 

Our Heating and Cooling Installation Services 

Have a home with no existing air duct system? No problem! Our team has extensive experience installing mini split ductless systems. Now you can heat and cool your apartment or small home better than ever. 

We can also install heat pumps and traditional heating and cooling systems like furnaces. 

Our team will work with your heating and cooling goals, budget, home size, and more to find the perfect HVAC system for you. Then, we’ll install the system to get your home up and running with a powerful, robust heating and cooling system. 

Whether you’re looking to install a unit for the first time or you’re looking to upgrade, we’ve got your back with exceptional heating and cooling services. 

Heating and Cooling Repairs 

We’ve all experienced an HVAC breakdown. You first hear strange clunking noises from your unit, only to realize that now your HVAC system won’t produce any hot or cold air. 

When your heating and cooling breaks down, you need fast, affordable repairs that you can count on. We’re confident that you’ll be beyond satisfied with our work with knowledgeable, certified, insured, and professional technicians. 

We offer emergency AC repairs and heating repairs throughout the day and night. HVAC broke down in the middle of the night or on Christmas morning? No matter what day or time your HVAC system decides to shut off, we’re here with a solution. 

Heating and Cooling Tune-Up Services — When to Call Our Team 

Our goal is to keep your home filled with moderate temperatures all year long. From the beginning of the Utah winter season to the middle of July, our sole goal is to ensure your home always has a comfortable temperature for you and your family. 

When our HVAC systems constantly run for months at a time, it’s easy for our heaters and air conditioners to become too exasperated and break down. 

Breakdowns are especially common for homeowners that forget to schedule annual heating or AC maintenance appointments. 

When we come to your property to provide heating tune-ups, we inspect your entire heating system to ensure it’s properly cleaned and lubricated and that all parts are working as they should. 

When those Holladay temperatures begin to shift, families need to be able to take refuge in their homes. 

As a result, we recommend all of our customers schedule heating tune-up services about once a year (sometimes even twice a year if you have an older unit). 

Another benefit of a tune-up? When your HVAC system works more efficiently, it improves your indoor air quality. 

Looking for the Best HVAC Services? Call the Team at S.O.S. Heating & Cooling  

Interested in scheduling a heating or AC repair appointment? Now’s the best time to call our team. We’ve garnered several awards due to our exceptional service, courteous professionals, affordable pricing, and excellent results. 

Whether you need heating and cooling installation, repairs, or maintenance, we’re here for you and your home.

Give our S.O.S. Heating & Cooling team a call to book your next appointment! 


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