Heating and Cooling Services in Tooele

Even though you might not use your HVAC system when the temperature outside is mild, you will want to make sure it’s always running in peak condition. 

You can keep your system running well with the help of an experienced HVAC contractor. A professional service can keep your system running efficiently by providing a variety of services.

When you work with S.O.S. Heating & Cooling, you can trust that the system in your Tooele, UT, home will get the comprehensive services necessary for continued operation. 

We provide every service you may need to keep your system running well throughout the summer and winter months. When it comes time to replace your system, you can trust us to help with that, too.

Schedule a Seasonal Inspection in Tooele, UT

The best way to take care of your HVAC system is to call us for a seasonal inspection and tune-up. When you have an HVAC contractor service your system each fall and spring, you’ll keep your heating and cooling equipment in peak condition for longer. 

An HVAC system functioning at its best means you’ll enjoy more efficient use of the system and avoid the most common mechanical issues.

Fall Tune-Ups

In the fall, our technicians will inspect and service your heating system. This involves cleaning dust and debris from the components to eliminate the chances that the dust will burn and present a safety hazard. 

The technician will also look for worn hoses, wiring, and belts, so they can be replaced before they interfere with the system’s operation.

The fall tune-up also includes inspecting the heat chamber for cracks since damage can lead to a carbon monoxide leak. During this inspection, the technician will clean carbon residue from the fuel lines to promote more efficient gas flow. 

By the time the inspection and tune-up are finished, you can trust in the safe and efficient operation of your furnace throughout the winter months.

Spring Tune-Ups

Your air conditioning system also needs a tune-up before moderate to heavy summertime use. The AC services we provide in your Tooele home will include calibrating your thermostat, checking your ducts for debris and damage, cleaning your air filter, and topping off your refrigerant levels.

We will check the indoor and outdoor parts of your AC system for leaks, damaged hoses, and shorted wiring. We’ll lubricate the motor and other moving components to reduce wear on the system. 

Our thorough tune-up services will prepare your system for use and identify any problems that will need to be repaired to prevent a disruption in your system’s operation.

Know When to Call Us for Furnace or AC Repairs

As you operate the HVAC system in your Tooele home, notice any changes in how it functions. While the wear and tear caused by age can cause the system to make more noise as it starts up, consistent loud noises should be a cause for concern.

You may also need to call us for repairs if you notice any of these other signs of a problem:

  • System cycles more frequently
  • Airflow is reduced or interrupted
  • AC freezes up 
  • Strong rotten eggs odor when using the furnace
  • HVAC system leaks

In addition to these issues, any problems that emerge should be checked out. Call us for prompt and professional service when you need repairs for your system. 

Is It Time for a New Heating and AC Installation?

Most HVAC systems can last for up to 20 years with proper care, including seasonal tune-ups and prompt repairs. But eventually, you will need to think about replacing your heating and cooling system. If you have an older system or you don’t know the age of your home’s system, you should start planning to replace it soon.

We can help you choose the best HVAC system for your home from various types of units and energy-efficient models. We’ll guide you in choosing the HVAC system that will be adequate to service your home without forcing you to pay more from month to month. 

Replacing an old HVAC system with a more modern model will likely lower your utility bills regardless of the specific model you choose. You can increase those savings by looking for the ENERGY STAR logo.

Trust S.O.S. in Any Heating or Cooling Emergency

While you already know to call us for seasonal inspections and common repairs, you can also call us for any heating or cooling emergency. We’ll promptly send a technician to your Tooele, UT, home to repair your HVAC system. We can meet all of your HVAC needs. Call us today!

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