Windows are a contributor to energy efficiency in homes, especially in areas that require heating in winter and air conditioning in the summer. You’ll be letting both cold and warm air escape from your house if your windows are not energy efficient. Consequently, the heating and air conditioning units work harder than they should, which consumes more energy. Here are ways to make your windows more energy efficient for better comfort at home.

Get an Energy Audit

The first step in making your windows energy efficient is defining and limiting the problem. An energy audit is a great start to defining where energy loss is happening in your windows. You may hire an inspector to survey your windows using the appropriate tools, such as thermal imaging cameras and blower doors.

Install Window Film

You can upgrade your windows by installing energy-efficient window films. They add an extra layer to window glasses and allow them to minimize the effect of convection and conduction. Consequently, your windows become more efficient. Additionally, you can use solar control films to block UV and IR rays. It will prevent energy loss and also protect you and your belongings from the effects of sun rays.

Seal the Gaps

Most old windows have unsealed gaps that cause energy loss. You can make your windows energy efficient by finding the gaps and sealing them. While you may not easily see the leaks or gaps with the naked eye, they are large enough to allow air to escape outside. Consider consulting a professional to inspect old window frames to discover leaks. Using an incense stick to check for the gaps by following the smoke’s direction is another way of identifying leaks. After that, use weather stripping to seal the gaps to leakproof the windows.

Install Insulated and Heavy Blinds or Curtains

It is an inexpensive option for improving your windows’ ability to minimize heat transfer. The best part is that insulated window curtains are available in different sizes and shapes so that you can choose the best for your home’s needs. You may also consider energy-efficient blinds to make your existing windows energy efficient.

Install Double Glazing

Double-glazed windows contain two glass layers separated by a layer of air. It helps to keep warm air in your house and allow cold air to go out. Installing double glazing on your windows also reduces the amount of noise from the surroundings and indoor condensation. Most older windows don’t have double gazing. Therefore, it would be wise to install it to an older window to make it energy-efficient. You can also make windows in your home more energy efficient by adding a glass layer. However, you need to take the right measurements and do it with precision. It is a cheaper way of upgrading your existing windows than replacing them.

Upgrade Window Frames

You can install energy-efficient window frames as a cheaper and more effective way to enhance energy efficiency than replace the entire window. Ensure that you buy window frames with the right Windows Energy Rating Scheme label. Such window frames will allow less air to escape from your home.

Repair Broken Windows

You are probably losing a lot of hot or cold air to the outside of your windowpane is broken, especially for single-pane windows. It would be wise to repair it immediately and save money by paying fewer energy bills. The cost of replacing a broken window varies, so it would be wise to choose wisely.

Use Window Coverings

Window coverings may not necessarily make your windows more energy-efficient. However, they can block some drafts and help in making your home in Salt Lake City, UT, warm and cozy. Consider investing in thermal curtains or heavy curtains if you want the best effects. Ensure that the curtains fall below the window sill to trap as many drafts as possible. The other way of making your windows more energy-efficient is to close curtains at night and open them during the day to allow sunlight into your home. Closing curtains at night helps to trap drafts when temperatures drop.

Invest in Storm Windows

It is recommendable to install storm windows in widows that allow more air than others based on an energy audit. You install them on your existing windows’ exteriors to prevent forces like heat, wind, and cold from entering your home. However, storm windows can be difficult to open. Therefore, ensure that you can remove them without much hassle if you install them on regularly-used windows.

As you have seen, you can make your old or existing window energy-efficient without breaking the bank. We have several years of experience in energy-efficiency matters, and we can help make your windows more energy-efficient. Besides that, we are also well-trained to offer cooling and heating service, duct cleaning, smart Wi-Fi thermostats, water heater services, and indoor air quality solutions. Call S.O.S Heating & Cooling today for more information on increasing energy-efficient in existing windows.