Distress TO Rest Plan

Priority Service

As a Distress to Rest Partner, you are and always will be a priority. You will be put at the top of the list if you have any emergency service calls. Your job will be scheduled ahead of non-member calls.

No Evaluation Fees

9-5 Monday-Friday you will never pay an evaluation fee for the standard service call fee. After hours you get 50% off. So any after-hour calls cost you $59 rather then %109

10% Discount

20 Point Inspection of Furnace

  • Clean or Change Filter
  • Check For Gas leaks at valve and line
  • Inspect blower motor and wheel (extensive cleaning is extra charge)
  • Check Fan amp draw
  • Check Inducer Amp Draw
  • Inspect and clean condensate tubes
  • Inspect and Clean Pressure Switch and tubing
  • Inspect and Clean light dirt and debris from Burners
  • Reading of Hot Surface Igniter
  • Reading of Flame Rectification Rod
  • Inspect venting and terminations
  • Inspect pilot and thermocouple, if applicable
  • Vacuum Unit out including blower compartment
  • Check all wire connections
  • Record Temp Difference
  • Check all Safety controls on furnace
  • Check for any CO readings at FLUE and Plenum
  • Check Thermostat Operations
  • Check Gas Pressure

24 Point Inspection of Air Conditioner

  • Clean or Change Provided Filter
  • Inspect Blower Motor and Wheel (furnace) (extensive cleaning is additional charge)
  • Inspect Fan Best & Pulleys and Make Necessary Adjustments
  • Inspect Indoor Coil
  • Visual Check for Refrigerant leaks
  • Check/Clean thermostat and test operation
  • Check Refrigerant Metering Device
  • Return Air Temp Recording, Supply Air Temp Recording
  • Total Temperature Change Recording
  • Check Disconnect Box Wires and Fuses
  • Inspect Fan Bearing and Lube if Applicable
  • Check operation of Service Valve
  • Check Operation of Crankcase Heater
  • Check Capacitor and Start Components
  • Check Contactor and ALL Relays
  • Check Compressor Amperage LRA & RLA
  • Check Fan Motor Amperage LRA & RLA
  • Check Suction Pressure and Temperature
  • Check Liquid Line Pressure and Temperature
  • Superheat
  • Subcool
  • Temperature of Outdoor Air entering coil
  • Check Refrigerant Charge
  • Inspect and Clean outdoor coil (excessive cleaning is additional charge)
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