Is your air conditioner acting strange lately? It may be hard to know exactly why it isn’t working as it should. There is an endless list of possible reasons for a broken AC. One such reason could be faulty wiring. If your AC unit keeps switching on and off, trips your circuit breaker, or blows your fuse, your wiring may be to blame. 

Signs That You Have Faulty Wiring

Exposed Wiring

Be sure to check your indoor and outdoor units for exposed or visibly damaged wiring. It is normal to see some wires coming from the air conditioning unit. If you spot any damaged wires, call an expert HVAC technician immediately, as this can allow moisture to enter the unit and cause severe damage to the system. It may even lead to a fire. Call for AC repair as soon as you notice this.

Switching On and Off

If your AC unit works sometimes, but not all the time, this is a sign of faulty wiring. The intermittent operation can be a result of the current being too hire for the AC unit. 

Malfunctioning Components

When your major AC components, such as your compressor, stop working, it could be due to your AC unit shorting out. Call a trained HVAC technician to investigate this problem. 

Circuit Breakers Tripping

When your HVAC unit draws too much power from your electrical system, your circuit breaker will trip. While it is common for faulty wiring to be the cause of tripped breakers, it may even be due to dirty or clogged vents preventing airflow. You need a professional technician to diagnose this problem with certainty. 

Faulty Thermostat

If you have an old thermostat, it may be dirty or in poor condition. Faulty thermostats can cause your AC unit to turn on and off at odd times. If you have had your thermostat for many years, you should consider a replacement. 

Burning Smell

If you smell burnt plastic, it could be that you have burnt wires. This is a fire hazard and requires an immediate 911 emergency call if the smell gets stronger. Once the situation is under control, you can call a professional technician to inspect your wiring. Do not use your air conditioner until you have the problem fixed. 

Regular Maintenance

You can prevent these unexpected and unwelcomed problems by keeping up with your annual AC tune-ups and electrical inspections. Electrical inspections are vital, not only for your AC unit but for your family’s safety. When you have your electrical system inspected, you can spot problems like faulty wiring before they affect your appliances. 

Regular AC tune-ups will ensure that your components are clean and functional. Checking up on your AC unit before summer starts can extend its life and save money on electricity and frequent AC repairs. 

It is important to cease all electrical activity if you suspect that your wires are faulty. Continuous use can lead to fires and more permanent damage to your HVAC unit. Put your safety first and look out for these signs.