People spend a lot of time in their garages during the winter holidays, especially if these spaces are converted. Most homeowners convert their garages into game or entertainment rooms or a space to work on their projects or hobbies. It can also be the conventional room where dads work on their bikes and trucks. You can keep your garage comfortable for projects and guests during the cold months with these heating and insulation tips. You will also save energy and money!

Replace the Weather Stripping

You can start heating your garage by winterizing it. Insulating your garage also entails sealing up air leaks that could allow warm air outside and cold air inside. Before getting the solid insulation for your garage, inspect the weather stripping on doors and windows. Fix and replace broken or cracked areas to retain warm air inside the garage. Weatherstripping brittles and cracks over time, which can cause air leaks that create cold drafts in the garage. It is wise to remove the current weather stripping and any remaining sealant if you feel cold drafts in your garage. You can then apply new weather stripping for effective garage heating throughout the winter. Ensure that you measure and align the new weather stripping to the garage door for a perfect seal. You can achieve this by closing the door and aligning the weather stripping to the rubber flat against the garage door.

Electric Space Heater

An electric portable space heater is an effective and affordable solution to heating garages. They are readily available, come in different sizes to meet any budget, and are easy to move around the garage. Portable space heaters might not be enough to heat the entire garage space, but they can support other heat sources. Most electric space heaters operate using the conventional circulating air method in the garage, while others utilize radiant heating. You can use an electric space heater for your garage whether you spend a few hours there or you only use the space to store your vehicle.

Mounted Garage Heaters

A permanently mounted garage heater is ideal for keeping the entire room warm and toasty. It provides an energy-efficient way to maintain warmth in your garage. Mounted garage heaters are connected to the electrical system in your home. Most have a built-in thermostat that you can use to control the temperature in the garage. This makes mounted garage heaters energy-efficient because you can use a thermostat to set an ideal temperature and switch it off when you are not using the garage to save on energy.

Wall Insulation

Wall insulation is also an effective way of heating your garage. You can use fiberglass batt insulation for your garage walls. However, choose the right thickness that suits your walls. It would help to hire a professional to assist with the installation process to ensure that it is done correctly for effective heating. Since you might not have insulated the ceiling properly, it would be wise to use drywall, plywood, or other paneling types. A blow-in insulation option is excellent if you plan to spend more time in your garage because it is more energy-efficient than rolls and foam batts.

Flooring Improvements

Another effective way to heat your garage throughout the year is by improving the flooring. If your garage has concrete flooring, you could be losing a lot of heat, and this makes garages extremely cold during the winter months. You can use an in-floor heater to warm up the floor if you use the room for projects that require you to lay or sit down for extended periods. Alternatively, you can use floor mats, carpet tiles, or a throw rug to cover the concrete floor.

Ductless System

Also called split systems, a ductless system is one of the easiest garage heating options to install. They are available in different types, making them a desirable choice for various properties. Their energy efficiency enables homeowners in Salt Lake City to save money on their utility bills. Also, split or multi-split systems are eco-friendly heating solutions for garages because they meet most energy guidelines.

Propane Heater

Propane heaters are great for heating garages because they offer a ton of warmth. They are affordable and mobile, too. You can choose a propane heater that suits your energy needs and the size of your garage. You can tell the correct size by calculating total cubit feet, BTUs required, and estimating temperature increases.

You can use these heating solutions for a warm garage all year. Talk to us to learn the most effective solution for your garage in Salt Lake City. We also specialize in furnaces, air conditioning units, heat pumps, and heating systems. Look no further than SOS Heating & Cooling for all of your garage heating solutions. Give us a call today for more information.