When the temperature starts to drop, no one wants to have to call in the pros for furnace repair. While the furnace should just work, it does require proper care to keep it working as expected. Over time, parts will start to wear out, which means they won’t work as efficiently and could break down when it’s needed the most. To help prevent this, it’s recommended that homeowners have their furnaces serviced regularly. 

Should I Get My Furnace Serviced Every Year?

No one wants to have the furnace go out on one of the coldest days of the year. When that happens, emergency furnace repair will be needed before the inside of the home gets too cold. One way to prevent having to call for furnace repair service is by having the furnace serviced. It is a good idea to do this each year to ensure the furnace is ready for the weather and can work more efficiently.

It is recommended that homeowners have the tune-up done before the weather starts to get cold. Doing so ensures it works correctly when it’s turned on for the first time that winter. However, homeowners can have the service done at any time of the year, depending on what’s more convenient for them. If the weather gets cold and the furnace hasn’t been serviced, it’s not too late. It can still be done, and doing it late is better than forgetting to do it at all. 

What Happens if You Don’t Service Your Furnace?

Servicing the furnace is a great way to prevent having to call for heating repair when it feels like it’s freezing outside. A tune-up done ahead of the winter months will make sure everything is working properly, which lowers the chance of it breaking down when it’s needed the most.

Along with helping to prevent the need for a heating repair service, the tune-up can ensure the furnace works as efficiently as possible. Anything that’s starting to get worn or break down is fixed, and everything is ready to go for the winter, so the furnace will work as efficiently as possible, helping to keep energy bills lower. 

Benefits of a Furnace Tune-Up

Tune-ups offer numerous benefits for homeowners. They can help increase the efficiency of the system, saving the homeowner money. They help the system last longer, so HVAC repair isn’t needed as frequently, and it will be longer before a replacement is required. It can also provide better performance through the winter and keep the warranty active. Most warranties will require regular services by a professional, or they will not cover potential issues. Keeping the warranty active can mean the homeowner doesn’t have to pay for a gas furnace repair out of pocket. 

Furnaces do require help to keep them in good shape. Now’s the best time to have maintenance for the furnace done to help make sure yours is ready for the upcoming winter. S.O.S. Heating & Cooling is available to help with furnace tune-ups and related services. Call (801) 449-1771 now or contact us online to schedule your tune-up.